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Publicat de Gates la 03.02.2020, 16:58 |
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These components promote a more efficient growth of muscle synthesis after higher intensity workouts. Components such as creatine and carbohydrates with slow absorption favor strength, muscle mass, volume and also provide enough energy and protein for rapid body weight gain. Mass Changer Game Changer Mass has an excellent taste, an improved formula of protein mix (adding a quality milk isolate). Suitable for building muscle mass, power and weight gain. The product is enriched with vitamins and minerals, with up to 200% of the recommended daily dose. Magnesium is "Support Complex" in a certain amount to promote normal protein synthesis, reducing fatigue and exhaustion, supporting normal functioning of the nervous system (muscle contraction and neurotransmission, including heart muscle), metabolism and normal energy production, electrolyte balance , maintaining the normal state of the bones and teeth, and plays a quite important role in the cell division.
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