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Pre Workout supplements

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Beta – alanine Beta - alanine is like a kind of acidity buffer. The amino acid derivative increases the amount of acronosin that helps prevent the decrease of pH level and muscle fatigue. This helps you work somewhere 5% more than normal. The increase in performance occurs after a month of use of 5 grams per day. High doses can lead to a nervous system reaction that causes redness of the face and tingling in the upper limbs. Creatine Thus, creatine helps in increasing physical performance. Creatine is a non-essential nutrient that is naturally found in meat but you will have to eat a lot to get the same effect as a supplement. Supplements bring a 20-25% surplus of muscle creatine. Creatine, like beta-alanine, can help you work harder and increase anaerobic performance. Creatine can cause fluid retention, making your muscles feel bigger. How does it help to lose fat? It makes it possible to use body fat as energy sources, thus supporting fat loss.
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